A Clockwork Blue (1972) watch online

  • Directed by: Eric Jeffrey Haims
    Stars: Tracy Handfuss, Maria Arnold, Suzanne Fields
    Language: English
    Country: Usa

    Description: Bumbling Jewish mama’s boy researcher Homer (Joe E. Tata doing his best spazzy Jerry Lewis impression) acquires a magical watch that enables him to go through time. During his travels through time Homer encounters such notable historical figures as Paul Revere (they smoke weed together), Eric the Red, King Louis XVI, Julius Caesar, and Thomas Cromwell. Meanwhile, a black man in heaven watches Homer’s misadventures on his watermelon television. Director Eric Jeffrey Haims, working from a blithely asinine script by E.E. Patchen, relates the enjoyably inane story at a quick pace, offers a decent smattering of gratuitous female nudity and soft-core sex, and milks plenty of laughs from the amusing sense of amiably goofball humor (although the broad caricatures of both Jews and blacks might not go over well with today’s touchy-feely politically correct crowd, they are frankly just too overdone to be considered genuinely offensive).

    Moreover, it’s a hoot to see several familiar 70’s skinflick starlets portraying historical figures: The always adorable Rene Bond as a perky Anne Boleyn, Maria Arnold as a lascivious Betsy Ross, Suzanne Fields as an appropriately haughty Marie Antoinette, and Jane Allyson as an enticing Helen of Troy. In addition, there are lively turns by Sebastian Brook as an effeminate King Louis XVI, Donn Greer as a pompous Caesar, John Vincent as a hearty and lusty Thomas Cromwell, and William Bagdad as a fruity painter. Arch Archambault’s vibrant cinematography delivers lots of bold eye-popping colors. The groovy and eclectic score by Hots Mullins does the dynamic trick. The sets and costumes are grade school level adequate at best, but that only adds to this film’s considerable dopey charm. A silly hoot.

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