Act of Revenge (1989) Rape and Revenge

  • Annabella Allori (Margie Newton) attends the last moments of her dying brother (Dario Casalini), who tells her about a tape cassette which has recorded all aberrations suffered by him and their mother Giovanna (Francesca Guidato Berger). Annabella listens to the recordings and as we go back in time and see in flashbacks what happened to her brother Gabriele and mother, Annabella decides to open a law firm in the small town to execute her revenge. Soon, some of its most important and honorable citizens start to die.
    Directing: Ninì Grassia
    Stars: Helmut BergerDario CasaliniMargit Evelyn Newton

    Release Date: 1989-07-16
    Country: IT
    Language: Italian (English Sub)
    Runtime: 91

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