Africa Erotica aka Jungle Erotic (1970)

  • Year: 1970
    Duration: 01:22:49
    Directed by: Louis Soulanes, Zygmunt Sulistrowski
    Actors: Darr Poran, Carrie Rochelle, Alice Marie, Brigitte Lahaie, Maude Carolle
    Language: English
    Country: France | Belgium | USA

    Also known as: Jungle Erotic, A Happening in Africa, Erotikaru Ahurika, Karen, the Lovemaker, Lustschrei im Urwald, Africa Erotica: A Happening in Africa

    Description: From what I could make of the plot (?), a horny photographer tells lonely women they are beautiful and model-like, asks them if he can take their pictures, then bangs them. All the while taking his “steady,” the OG pickup, on safaris and car/boat rides, fighting off DANGEROUS snakes, fleeing from elephants and lions and other sorts of animals you might find and flee from in the African wilds–always managing to escape just in the knick of time into a similar looking ravine. At some point he takes a quick solo jaunt to Southeast Asia and gets his lensy freak on with a kittenish junk boat driver.   And throughout the movie non sequitur cuts to other couples having sex (forced and otherwise), orgies and strange dance parties weave themselves into the mix. A bizarre little piece of hairy jungle bush erotica. Starring Brigitte Lahaie, who also filmed in The Grapes of Death, Bordel SS and Gefangene Frauen

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