Angel and the Beasts aka Triangle of Lust (1978)

  • Year: 1977
    Duration: 01:27:28
    Directed by: Hubert Frank
    Actors: Patricia Adriani, Bárbara Rey, José Antonio Ceinos, Miguel, Ángel Godó
    Language: English
    Country: West Germany | Austria | Spain

    Also known as: Teufelscamp der verlorenen Frauen, Triangle of Lust, Unschuldig durch die Hölle, Terrifying Confessions of Captive Women, Fatal Game, To trigono tou pathous

    Description: When a small private plane begins to have engine trouble, a sexy young woman is forced to parachute to “safety” on a remote island while her husband attempts to crash land. What she finds on the island is a gang of sadistic thugs who are very pleased with this gift from the heavens and are more than willing to torture and rape her for kicks. Tons of nudity and violence make this film wonderfully enjoyable. Directed by Hubert Frank. Starring Patrizia Adriani and Barbara Rey.

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