Angel Guts High School Coed (1978)

  • Year: 1978
    Duration: 01:19:27
    Directed by: Chûsei Sone
    Actors: Tatsuma Higuchi, Tsutomu Hori, Shin Kagayama and Kenji Kasai
    Language: Japanese (English subs)
    Country: Japan

    Also known as: Jokôsei: tenshi no harawata, Tenshi no harawata 1

    Description: Thank God for niche suppliers like Tokyo Shock and Artsmagic. The latter has resurrected a five film series of Nikkatsu pink films entitled Angel Guts. High School Co-ed is the first of these films, all of which center around a brutal act of rape, around which a moral tale unfolds. This one has a group of three bikers who attack young women. One of them, Kawashima, has a small bit of conscious, though. Outside of his friends, he lives for his young sister and realizes that the violence he and his friends enact upon others could just as easily be applied to her. While I’ve seen more graphic material before, the actual rape scenes are very disturbing. The artistic merit is certainly questionable, and the acts are played for stimulation. However, the script is very good, and the characters come across as people. There is at least one character whose situation is only hinted at and never explained – I would have liked to know more about him. And the ending is very odd. Otherwise, definitely a film of interest, if not for those who are easily shocked.

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