Angel Guts Red Classroom (1979)

  • Year: 1979
    Duration: 01:18:34
    Directed by: Chûsei Sone
    Actors: Yûki Mizuhara, Keizô Kani’e, Jun Aki and Kenji Kawanishi
    Language: Japanese (English subs)
    Country: Japan

    Also known as: Tenshi no harawata: Akai kyôshitsu, Tenshi no harawata 2

    Description: Muraki is the manager of an SThey forge a relationship that is put to the test when Muraki doesn’t show up one day to meet up with Nami because he has been arrested. Will Muraki have the ability to gain Nami’s trust again or has he lost her forever? Essentially this has every thing you would anticipate from the Angel Guts sets: rape, violence towards ladies, and blurred-out genitals, but has a great deal more depth going for it that your average Nikkatsu rape movie.

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