Bare Behind Bars (1980) Brasilian Slasher

Year: 1980
Duration: 01:37:34
Directed by: Osvaldo DeOliveria
Actors: Maria Stella Splendore, Marta Anderson, Danielle Ferrite, Neide Ribeiro, Sonia Regina, Marliane Gomes, Nadia Destro, Márcia Fraga
Language: English
Country: Brasil

Also known as: A Prisão, Desnuda Tras las Rejas, Prison of Dead – Mädchen schutzlos hinter Gittern

Description: This movie will hold you in for a good time. That’s what you will start feeling when you see a busty wardress dragging an inmate by her hair down a hallway over a live rat. This Brazil movie is proud to be one of the sleaziest films ever, with director Osvaldo DeOliveria introducing both subplots and characters with the sole purpose of leading the audience into continuous perversions. Actually, the cliches of WIP will be coming at you with enormous speed, and it’s not surprising, as some of the scenes are really sped up. It seems like the filmmakers realized they won’t manage to squeeze all the sleaze into a 1.5 hour movie, so they just sped the process up! On the other hand, this gave us a great advantage – now you can see everything you ever imagined in this movie: riots, shower scenes, lesbian guards, drugs, prostitution, rape, and even inappropriate use of fruit. Despite the fact that the video is already banned in the UK and West Germany, it is still available here !

Review: In the far Brazilian prison on death row are in limbo young, innocent woman who had been kidnapped, raped and imprisoned in the jail. The warden – psychopathic sadist, who is a pleasure in the pain of others. The prison nurse – a crazy lustful lesbian. Four young girls brought up to the limit, trying to escape by killing everyone who gets in their way.

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