Black Candles (1982) watch erotic horror

  • Year: 1982
    Duration: 01:22:14
    Directed by: José Ramón Larraz
    Actors: Helga Liné, Vanessa Hidalgo and Jeffrey Healey
    Language: English
    Country: Spain
    Also known as: Naked Dreams, Hot Fantasies, Los ritos sexuales del diablo

    Description: A young female journeys together with lover in the United kingdom on the sudden loss of her cousin. Sticking with the boyfriend’s sister, she detects her fellow rapidly attracted into a demonic religion headquartered the house. As their rituals appear to place fairly at extensive sex-related meeting.

    The movie “Black Candles” made by quite famous director senior Larraz is a really unusual Spanish film regarding a juvenile girl called Carol which discovers that her relatives are engaged with a demonic cultus. The movie has plenty of erotic, sex and satanism, thus As I had not been dissatisfied. However it isn’t really as remarkable as Larraz’s vamp flick “Vampyres“. The lighting effects are weak and also performing is unprofessional. The lovemaking scene with a black capricorn and a lady must be observed to be considered. Additionally, there is a terribly awful minute with a guy slaughtered by using a blade pushed among his legs. To summarize, if you like the exploitation cinema then watch it. But if you value the horrors with no sleaze stay away from this.

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