Blue Movie (1978, A. Cavallone) watch online

  • Year: 1978
    Duration: 01:20:24
    Directed by: Alberto Cavallone
    Actors: Danielle Dugas, Claude Maran, Joseph Dickson
    Language: Italian ( English Subs )
    Country: Italy

    Description: “Blue Movie” is a bizarre and extremely obscure exploitation film obviously inspired by Dusan Makavejew’s “Sweet Movie“. There is no real plot to speak of, just plenty of surreal moments and nudity. The film is loaded with symbolism (the nude toys and dolls) and the use of Bach and Offenbach on the soundtrack is a nice touch. If you like experimental transgressions or obscure Italian cinema give this notorious piece a look. Made by director who also filmed Zelda, another good erotic flick. Some XXX sequences, as well as some surrealistic flashes of mondo/violences, inserted as a-rhythmic cuts into the cinematic narration, are featured, but they are very far from being gratuitous because they depict the disturbing slavery relationship between master and servant and they also give a powerful background to the hallucinatory and horrific atmosphere, please read the great review by Roberto Curti hosted here.

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