Cookies aka Les galettes de Pont-Aven (1975) incest movie

  • Year: 1975
    Duration: 01:40:43
    Directed by:  Joël Séria
    Actors: Jean-Pierre Marielle, Claude Piéplu and Jeanne Goupil
    Language: French (English Subtitle)
    Country: France

    Also known as: Les galettes de Pont-Aven; Doido por Saias; Folli e liberi amplessi; Kuumat kukkulat

    Description: French satiric movie with Jean-Pierre Marielle, Claude Piéplu, Bernard Fresson. Directed by Joël Séria (Don’t Deliver Us from Evil). The description was translated from french:

    Henri Serin, a representative umbrella Saumur, leads a quiet life between work, family and painting. Henry awards during his many business trips, some amorous escapades that change daily boring in which his wife encloses Puritan.

    One day, Henry decided to drop everything to live for love and fresh water. It fails to Pont-Aven and met Emile, a local painter imitating Gauguin, and with whom he shares his drinking …

    Some scenes of the film have a strong erotic, the main character Henri Serin being fascinated by the female form, even a tad obsessed sexual indeed a libertarian spirit and nonconformist own in the 1970s can be found in Les Galettes de Pont-Aven a bit like the atmosphere in the movie Bertrand Blier’s Going Places.

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