Deadline (1984) watch online

  • Year: 1984
    Duration: 01:30:00
    Directed by: Mario Azzopardi
    Actors:  Stephen Young, Sharon Masters, Marvin Goldhar
    Language: English
    Country: Canada

    Description of Deadline movie:  A horror screen-writer under an immense amount of pressure from film producers, prima donna actresses, his drunken cokehead wife, his needy neglected children, his film critics and whinny college student, while trying to finish his latest splatter script, flashing in and out of gory & violent film scenes from movies that don’t exist (but we wish they did).

    After seeing one of his films on TV, his kids reenact one of the scene and his daughter is killed by accident, the pressure mounts as he starts to slip, getting plastered and inviting a horde of hookers over to party, he begins to hallucinate, seeing his dead daughter and flips out.

    Feature the 80s Canadian new-wave punk band Carole Pope & Rough Trade.

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