Die Screaming, Marianne (1971) watch medicore movie

  • Year: 1971
    Duration: 01:36:28
    Directed by: Pete Walker
    Actors: Susan George, Barry Evans, Christopher Sandford, Judy Huxtable and Leo Genn
    Language: English
    Country: UK

    Also known as: Die, Beautiful Marianne, Marianna, fuga dalla morte, Schrei nach Leben, Skrik Marianne skrik

    Description: This is not Walker’s best work and, notwithstanding its inclusion in Shriek Show’s British Horror Quadruple Feature, really isn’t horror.  But it is a decent, if slow starting, thriller staring Susan George.  Without giving too much away, George is a go-go dancer on the run from her wealthy father.  She stands to come into a sizable chunk of cash and some pictures of daddy fucking a goat or something on her 21st birthday, and her family wants to ensure that doesn’t happen.

    The plot meanders a bit, but, internet criticisms notwithstanding, I thought it was pretty easy to follow.   Definitely decent and watchable and recommended for fans of Walker, George, Judy Huxtable and/or ugly British dudes.  Woefully deficient in naked George.  Or naked anybody for that matter.  But I don’t want to undersell it; mediocre Walker is still good stuff.

    For More Info : SleazeMovies.com

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