Two young French schoolgirls, bored and left too much by themselves, decide to dedicate themselves to doing evil after reading works by French revolutionaries and anti-social types (Baudelaire and Jean-Jacques Rousseau come to mind). 

The leader of the two instigates a number of small crimes such as torturing a cat, and tormenting the school groundskeeper by killing birds. After they eventually move on to grander things – a black mass and murder – they find themselves under suspicion by the police. During a school review, in their final act of self-destructive violence, the two recite nonsense verse, douse themselves in gasoline and set themselves on fire.

This film was firmly censored by French authorities , but it was allowed to be seen at the 1971 Cannes Film Festival.

Rating: NR
Genre: Art House is & International,, a Drama, Horror
a Directed By: Joël Séria
Written By: Joël Séria
Runtime: 103 minutes



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