Don’t Go in the House (1979) watch online

  • Year: 1979
    Duration: 01:20:36
    Directed by: Joseph Ellison
    Actors: Dan Grimaldi, Charles Bonet and Bill Ricci, Robert Osth, Ruth Dardick
    Language: English
    Country: USA


    Also known as: Das Haus der lebenden Leichen

    Description: One day the mother of Donald Kohler nearly killed her son with, then inflicted severe psychological trauma to small child. When a mother dies, Donald is starting to go crazy. In his head begin to sound different voices calling embittered world-Donald to avenge the human race. He starts to get acquainted with the girls, seduce them and bring into his home. There he stripped them, sprinkle with gas and ignited. Once the human bodies are burned and turned into black charred embers, he dresses up the skeletons in the maternal clothes and sits in his room. Then Donald begins an intimate conversation with them.

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