Emanuelle’s Revenge aka Blood Vengeance (1975)

  • Year: 1975
    Duration: 01:35:47
    Directed by: Joe D’Amato
    Actors: George Eastman, Rosemarie Lindt, Annie Carol Edel, Patrizia Gori
    Language: English
    Country: Italy

    Also known as: Demon Rage, Emanuelle e Françoise le sorelline, Orgasmos thanatou, Emmanuelle et Françoise

    Description: This is one of the more bizarre entries in the Emanuelle series, playing more like a sex-themed giallo. Emanuelle (Lindt) is out to avenge her sibling (Gori), who committed committing suicide after escaping from her sadistic lover Carlo (George Eastman who starred in Porno Holocaust). So she chains him up in her drugs, basement him, and forces him to view her having sex. Carlo begins hallucinating all types of bloody horrors and cannibalistic doings, so he decides he has to break no-cost and kill Emanuelle.

    Yeah so, did someone order an extra side of weird with their review today? The always-unpredictable Joe D’Amato may not make the best films, heck; he may even make some of the worst films. But they all seem to share one common thread. They’re almost always thoroughly entertaining. Adding to the list of Emmanuelle rip-offs and cash in’s is the 1976 D’Amato epic Emanuelle’s Revenge. Not to be confused with 1992’s Emmanuelle’s Revenge (all it takes is one more ‘m’ to make the difference), confused yet? I can’t keep up with them anymore. Regardless, while this Revenge may not be nearly as graphic as some of D’Amato’s other outings, he still manages to deliver one hell of a fanciful sleaze epic…

    Crazy isn’t the word for this one. There’s absolutely no sense of reason here. It’s almost as if all of this is happening in a completely different universe…just accept it. 100% pure unadulterated trashy fun from D’Amato. No redeeming social value whatsoever. There’s no reason I can give for enjoying this filth except for the fact that it’s filth. Am I going to hell? Sure, probably. But hey, at least I’ll have enjoyed the ride, huh? Nuff said.

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