First Desires (1983)

  • Year: 1983
    Duration: 1:32:42
    Directed by: David Hamilton
    Actors: Monica Broeke, Patrick Bauchau, Inge Maria Granzow
    Language: French, English Subtitles
    Country: France, West Germany

    Also known as: Premiers Désirs, Los primeros deseos, Първи копнежи, Primeros deseos, Olet kohta nainen, Első vágyak, Erste Sehnsucht

    Description: Three girls decided to leave a tent camp on the beach and move to the island. But on a way were overtaken by a storm, the boat turned over, and one of the girls probably would have drowned if not the stranger who rescued her. When the girl comes to consciousness, she begins to search for her Savior…

    “The first desire” — youth, French, erotic, Comedy. The movie is so light and sensual. From the first to the last frame it is steeped in the freedom and freshness of youth, sex, first desires, in the summer and of course the sea. The movie was romantic and the story is hungry for love. We see in this Comedy, young girlfriends who are just discovering the world of adults. One of them went into the sea and saved by a stranger, stripped and warmed in your house. Waking up in the morning, her head turned over, and a young girl of nothing except this stranger can’t think. We see the adventure of my friends on the sea and in the pleasures of love. Of all the French actors in this film, I most remember Emmanuelle Beart. It was in this youth film is still so young and cute, and it was nice to see her such. It was a clean and funny, and her character immediately stands out from the others. This simple film can attract the attention of those who loves French cinema or lovers of charming Emmanuelle Beart, because she’s in this film really lovely.

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