Gothic (1986) (Ken Russell) watch online

  • Year: 1986
    Duration: 01:23:36
    Directed by: Ken Russell
    Actors: Gabriel Byrne, Julian Sands, Natasha Richardson
    Language: English
    Country: UK

    Also known as: Gótico, Gothic: Yövieraat, Gótika, avagy a szellem éjszakája, Gotyk, Gothic – Poetas e Fantasmas

    Description: Surreal-biographical film of horrors. Story about classical literature: Lord Byron, Mary Shelley (Frankenstein»), Percy Shelley, Dr. Polidori (author of «the Vampire», the story, of course, far from Stokker masterpiece, but is considered a «milestone» development you a prism in the literature).

    Surrealism has at least one beautiful image: «eye-breast decent Mr. Cronenberg (Videodrome). In addition, expertly seasoned animal symbolism: a goat in the house («here lives the devil»was a fish out of water, the snake around my neck, and so on.

    It all starts with the similarity of the creation of their own ghosts, call the daemon. Of course, the story would be something on speculations like «the evil dead», but Russell instead of external struggle unleashed the full inner madness that further alienates the film from the heritage of the same Byron and Shelley to the masterpieces of Edgar Allan PoE. There is a reason why Russell in 2002 took «the Fall of the house of usher».

    Actually, the film Gothic has some drawbacks, a little unusual installation creates the impression that the film places unfinished, but, as for me, he is particularly attractive atmosphere and its original visual aesthetics.

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