Heads or Tails (1973) watch online

  • A frustrated office worker gets his hands on a magic pill that makes him sexually desirable to women. This was first released to theaters in a soft-core version titled Heads or Tails. In the mid 70s to capitalize on the rise in popularity of hardcore, the original film was hacked up to make room for more explicit sex inserts. This X version is titled Honey Buns and is currently the only version commercially available.

    Also Known : Caras ou Coroas, Honey Buns, Sex-Dämonen

    Directing: James Chiara
    Stars: Sandy CareyMatt HewittJohn Barnum
    Release Date: 1973-01-01
    Country: US
    Language: English
    Runtime: 74
    For More Info : SleazeMovies.com

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