Hellhole (1985) watch online exploitation

  • Year: 1985
    Duration: 01:35:58
    Directed by: Pierre De Moro
    Actors: Mary Wornov, Judy Landers, Ray Sharkey, Edy Williams, Richard Cox, Terry Moore, Marjoe Gortner
    Language: English
    Country: USA

    Also known as: Hell Hole

    Description: One and a half hour of showing the senseless “charms” of women’s mental hospital, called Hellhole. Doctors put on patients diffrent experiments, to turn into a kind of unfortunate animals.
    An unlucky woman’s mother is murdered by a scarf-wielding killer named Silk, leaving the woman injured, traumatised and suffering from amnesia. She’s committed to a mental institution, where Silk follows her, looking for the papers he was trying to get from her mother. And Silk’s only the beginning of her problems, since the asylum is run by a mad doctor, performing experiments in chemical lobotomies!

    More Info : SleazeMovies.com

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