Horror Rises from the Tomb (1973) watch online

  • Year: 1973
    Duration: 01:28:44
    Directed by:  Carlos Aured
    Actors: Paul Naschy, Emma Cohen and Víctor Alcázar
    Language: English
    Country: Spain

    Also known as: El espanto surge de la tumba; Blutmesse der Zombies; Blutmesse für den Teufel; Horror Raises from the Tomb; Il terrore sorge dalla tomba; Mark of the Devil 4; Mark of the Devil Part IV: Horror Rises from the Tomb; Zombien verikosto

    Description: Medieval French magician Alaric de Marnhac was accused of conspiring with the devil, and executed along with his wife. Five hundred years later, a couple of friends, led by a descendant of Alaric decide to find the remains of the warlock and thus return him to life.

    Spanish horror icon Paul Naschy (Mucha Sangre and Inquisition) plays a dual role here as a pissed-off, sex-crazed headless warlock, and also a milquetoast hero. It kinda reminded me of a garish, color Spanish remake of Black Sunday with a creepy dude taking the Barbara Steele role. If you’ve never seen a Naschy flick, I would best describe them as having a gothic, post-Hammer psychedelic vibe with much more gore, grit, and full-frontal female nudity.

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