Hot Target (1985) watch online

  • Directed by: Dennis C. Lewiston
    Stars: Simone Griffeth, Steve Marachuk, Bryan Marshall
    Language: English
    Country: New Zealand

    Also known as : Alvo Certo, Crime et obsession, El precio de la traición, Kuuma kohde, Restless, A Cúmplice, Eiskalt ohne Gnade

    Description: Wife of successful NZ businessman is seduced by fellow American after “chance” meeting in park. However, Greg has more than love-making with the beautiful Christine in mind.

    As has been noted, this is part of a Crown International series, almost all of which contain the same scenes of nudity and lovemaking, all surrounded by ho hum plots. Those were the USA offerings. “Hot Target” is a New Zealand offering starring absolutely stunning Simone Griffeth, an American lass now, with her husband, selling expensive real estate in South Carolina. And, she is a damn good actress. Those love scenes could, and should have been, more abbreviated and it would have appealed to a more general audience – well – not the Pixar enthusiasts. Anyway, all the palaver about the plot is a lot of horseradish. It was easy to understand, the story tight and taut. The acting by all involved was first class. Steve Marachuk, the only other American in the cast, was excellent as the cad. All involved turned in excellent performances. Anyway, ignore the naysayers and, if you can get hold of this, grab it. I guarantee it will keep you involved for at least 92 of its 93 minutes.

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