In The Eye Of The Hurricane (1971)

  • Year:1971
    Directed by: José María Forqué
    Actors: Analía Gadé, Jean Sorel, Rosanna Yanni
    Language: English
    Country: Italy | Spain

    Also known as: Fox with a Velvet Tail  , El ojo del huracán,   La volpe dalla coda di velluto, A Raposa do Rabo de Veludo, Suspicion, Lusty Lovers

    This is the slightly different Spanish version of Jose Maria Forque’s excellent giallo In the Eye of the Hurricane/La Volpe dalla Coda di Velluto. The TVrip (which came from is of quite good quality with more vibrant colours than the VHS. Some of the editing/arranging of scenes is a little different to the Italian version but much of it remains the same. The music, on the other hand, is a little more varied compared to the Italian/English version which mostly uses variations of the same theme. Highly recommended to fans of the smooth-as-fuck Jean Sorel and Spanish thrillers in general.

    José María Forqué’s In The Eye of the Hurricane is clearly influenced by Umberto Lenzi’s successful Jean Sorel and Carroll Baker thrillers, but it’s a very entertaining thriller in its own right. Great cast, beautiful Côte D’Azur locations and the fantastic soundtrack by Piccioni. It remains one of the more overlooked genre entries.

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