Indelicate Balance (1969) watch online

  • Year: 1969

    Duration: 01:28:23
    Directed by:  Joseph W. Sarno
    Actors:  Kim Anderzon, Ulla Danilesson, Ittla Frodi
    Language: Swedish | English Subtitles
    Country: USA

    Also known as: The Indelicate Balance

    Description:A missing 1969 movie by Sarno (Girl Meets Girl and Every Afternoon movies) under the name The Indelicate Balance, this tough gem maps the tale of a Swedish country household whose genetic dynamics are black and erotically billed. The printing sure isn’t in great form and there’s some clearly lacking footage in a few of the sex views, but the significant reliability of the team (who were reputedly all stage actors), the snowbound area and the high quality movie script all make this one a clear find. Recorded in its original Swedish, this treasure is a great addition to the Sarno canon and truly shows off the director’s considerable skill and sympathetic eye.?

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