Island of the Fishmen aka Screamers (1979) watch online

  • Year: 1979
    Duration: 01:34:54
    Directed by: Sergio Martino
    Actors: Barbara BachClaudio Cassinelli, Richard Johnson, Beryl Cunningham, Mel Ferrer and Joseph Cotten
    Language: English
    Country: Italy

    Also known as: L’isola degli uomini pesce, Island of Fishmen,  La isla del volcán perdido, Something Waits in the Dark

    Description: A group of prisoners and a doctor wash ashore on a seemingly deserted island where aquatic creatures threaten their existence on this mysterious island.

    SCREAMERS was made by the Italians in 1978 as L’ISOLA DEGLI UOMINI PESCI and was released breifly in the United States in an English dubbed uncut format as THE ISLAND OF THE FISH MEN. The American distributor United Pictures Organization bought the rights to THE ISLAMD OF THE FISH MEN and decided to release the film for full distribution in the United States. However, a new beginning sequence was shot featuring Mel Ferrer and Cameron Mitchell by director Miller Drake and also contained new effects scenes shot by Chris Walas. United Pictures Organization then went into co-production with Roger Corman’s New World Pictures and Roger agreed to release the film. But their were some changes that had to be made. Corman had some extra music added in, cut down the 100 minute running time down, added a different English language dub, and changed the title to SOMETHING WAITS IN THE DARK so he can advertise it as a slasher film even though it does not belong in that genre. Well, the film bombed badly in 1980. So Corman has Jim Wynorski come up with a way to re-release the film. Wynorski retitles the film as SCREAMERS, shoots a trailer that shows a scene of a man being turned inside out while giving the tagline “Warning! In this film you will actually see a man turned inside-out!” When SCREAMERS was released it made some money, but when the theatre patrons did not see any person turning inside-out riots began at the theatres. So the film prints were taken back to New World Pictures and had the inside-out scene tacked on. But it does not appear on the video version because the inside-out sequence was not part of the original negative.

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