Janie (1970) watch online sexploitation

  • Year: 1970
    Duration: 01:05:14
    Directed by: Jack Bravman
    Actors: Mary Jane Carpenter, Peer St. Jean, Tina Kraskow
    Language: English
    Country: USA

    A sadistic teenager searching for “Daddy” murders and dismembers anybody who picks her up hitch-hiking. Sick, twisted and an essantial component of Findlay’s filmography!

    Janie is a awesome choice for business for individuals who love the ill yesterday of 70’s exploitation movies.

    Initially of all, we practically worship at the altar of Michael Findlay. His move, including games like “The Ultimate Degenerate” as well as the classic “Flesh” trilogy, appears out to this day as wholly unique. The lurid chills and thrills of exposed skin, sex kicks and strange physical violence mixed with literary recommendations, imaginative angles and stunning photography, often courtesy of his then-wife Roberta, are all key points of a Michael Findlay manufacturing. Out of his move, one of the more obscure games is 1970’s “Janie.” today, while IMDB has Jack Bravman listed as the manager, the flick definitely reeks of a Findlay title. Psycho-sexual horror? Check. Abnormally poetic voice over? Check. Michael and Roberta both showing up in the cast? Double check. Therefore for all intents, “Janie” and purposes is a Michael Findlay flick unless difficult proof comes out. The titular Janie (Mary Jane Carpenter) is pretty, blonde large school woman with black widow tendencies. As she falls into a rabbit opening of perverse, blood-stained sex, haunting narration comes in and out, facing the broken psychology of our anti-heroine. All of this leads to the highly distressing reveal of why Janie became the way she is. It’s awesome that this movie takes destination in the fall since there is a powerful pall over all of the proceedings. It’s gorgeous and yet, totally no fun, basically making it my kind of flick.

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