Keep It Up Downstairs (1976) watch online

The year is 1904; the setting is Cockshute Towers, one of England’s stateliest homes. When the household is threatened with bankruptcy, both the masters and the servants are prepared to co-operate in trying to find some cash – after all, most of them are enjoying liaisons of one kind or another among themselves, and none have any desire to give up their rewarding way of life…

Also Known as : El decapendón, To ena sex pio exypno apo t’ allo, Purché si faccia con gusto, Wer tobt denn da im Unterhaus? , Can You Keep It Up Downstairs
Directing: Robert Young
Writing: Hazel Adair
Stars: Diana DorsWilliam RushtonFrançoise Pascal
Release Date: 1976-07-28
Country: GB
Language: English
Runtime: 94

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