Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

  • Year: 1988
    Duration: 01:26:10
    Directed by: Stephen Chiodo
    Actors:  Grant Cramer, Suzanne Snyder, John Allen Nelson
    Language: English
    Country: USA

    Also known as: Clowns asesinos, Gyilkos bohócok az űrből, Killer Klowns, Klovnovi ubice, Les clowns tueurs venus d’ailleurs, Palhaços Assassinos, Payasos asesinos, Payasos asesinos del espacio exterior, S.O.S. – Palhaços Assassinos, Space Invaders

    Description: A couple in love notes in the sky flying object, the trajectory of the fall which clearly points to a nearby forest. Wanting to look at the fallen meteorite, the couple goes to the area of the fall and finds a circus tent in which to us on Earth came the killer clowns from outer space! Their goal – to prepare as many earthlings as possible for … provisions.

    Review: Trash as much of this word … this genre are many different ways, but there are movies that have to look at the fans and Hayter stilya.Klouny this killer from outer space just belong to that rare instances

    In this movie, not so much blood to scare moralists, but there is something for which his fans love to trash-hard banter on absolutely any topics.

    Briefly about the plot: aliens again decided to enslave Mother Earth, and people use as semi for their needs. With the bitter experience of beating his head against the wall (Independence Day, Alien invasion), they decide to go the other way, and show the people in the form of harmless clowns … Yes, yes, that clown. Who would suspect a good man with a red nose and a toy hammer villain? Children draw cotton candy and toys, adult-florid game of shadows and funny scenes.

    What attracts the film? Honestly, what-all. How many do not try, I could not find it bad traits. Stylish music, fabulous costumes clowns, unusual scenes and jokes (which is only a battle baby clown and arrogant biker scene zakidyvaniya guard cakes, furious chase dogs, made of beads, etc.

    On the screen all the time something happens, do not have time to get bored, the film just does not let go of its tenacious clown feet. For each frame can be seen as the soul invested in the film Chiodo brothers, with what love and images of people worked and clowns. Each clown is the personalities and to confuse them with each other is impossible. The same applies to people: stern sheriff, the last Vietnam and hates dirty punks (which it turned out, classifies any young person under the age of 20); hero who has to save the world, a beautiful girl, kids, two young people bursting with hormones and other , away, away.

    Summary. I can recommend this film to all lovers of scary tales 80s (Gremlins, Critters), all fans of the trash, as well as people who want to see a truly honest, a bit mad and crazy work ..

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