Les Pornocrates (1976) Jean-François Davy’s documentary

Year: 1976
Duration: 01:23:15
Directed by: Jean-François Davy
Actors: Richard Allan, Benoît Archenoul, Frédérique Barral
Language: French (English Subs)
Country: France

Also known as: Claudine Beccarie e il mondo proibito de les pornocrates, Plainte contre X, The Porno Kings

Description: This is French director Jean-François Davy’s third documentary about his own personal involvement in the porn industry. This one focuses more on the process of film making rather than individual profiles. There is more hardcore footage than Exhibition 1 but it is nicely blended into the film and mainly shows the film makers at work on the film set. This xxx footage has a totally natural feel and is necessary to give a more realistic and believable atmosphere. There is also a lot of humour as the actors & actresses discuss their life on the set & thoughts on the porn business.


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