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    “Love Camp 7” (1969), a grind-house “roughie” sexploitation movie from the prolific team Lee Frost (director) and Bob Cresse (writer). Generally credited as the first Nazi exploitation (or Nazisploitation) film. Cresse even hams it up in a rare acting role as the Commandant. It is also a prototype for the later women in prison (or WiP) genre. This has all the classic ingredients — constant nudity, degradation, sexual slavery/assault, whipping, bondage, depravity, lesbianism, sadistic guards, sex-crazed officers, and a violent, bloody prison break scene.

    The story concerns two female Army agents who go undercover at a Nazi prison camp to get information from a Jewish scientist being held there. Cast also includes Maria Lease and Kathy Williams (who made many softcore films in this genre). Frost and Cresse also made the roughies “The Defilers” (1965), “Hot Spur” (1968), and “The Pick-Up” (1969)

    • Director:Lee Frost (as R.L. Frost)
    • Writer: Bob Cresse (original story) (as R.W. Cresse)
    • Stars: Bob Cresse, Maria Lease, Kathy Williams
    • Duration : 95 Minutes

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