Mad Foxes aka Feuer Auf Raeder (1981) UNCUT

Year: 1981
Duration: 01:16:48
Directed by: Paul Grau
Actors: José Gras, Laura Premica, Andrea Albani, Peter John Saunders
Language: English
Country: Spain | Switzerland

Also known as: Los violadores, Stingray 2, Mad Foxes – Feuer auf Räder

Description: Rich young man Hal and his girlfriend were attacked by a gang of bikers. He was beaten and she was raped. Hal called on the help his  friends from the club of kickboxers and the rapist was brutally avenged. But bikers were in the Nazi organization and, armed with machine guns, shot the club. Hal miraculously survived. He went to the village to his old friend, but even there he was catched by the biker gang.

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