Mondo Weirdo : A Trip to Paranoia Paradise (Watch Online)

Year: 1990
Duration: 0:54:34
Directed by: Carl Andersen
Actors: Soledad Marceignac, Frank Khunne, David Hollman
Language: German|English
Country: Austria|West Germany

Also known as: Virgin on the Edge, Jungfrau am Abgrund

Description: Sick and bizarre B&W German art porn krautensplatter weirdness stars Jess Franco’s daughter Jessica as a disturbed punkette who has gory Elizabeth Bathory inspired fantasies, sucks and eats her own menstrual blood! Described as a “pornographic version of Polanski’s Disgust and Romero’s Martin” and “cruel fairy tales from the unconscious” this one proves that the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree!

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