Naked Massacre aka Born for Hell (1976)

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    Year: 1976
    Duration: 01:25:21
    Directed by: Denis Héroux
    Actors: Mathieu Carrière, Debra Berger and Christine Boisson
    Language: English
    Country: Canada

    Also known as: Die Hinrichtung, Né pour l’enfer, Born for Hell, Dipsasmenos gia eglima

    Description: The veteran of Vietnam war Kane Adamson (Mathieu Carrière who starred in Excess and Punishment) returns home. Be out of money in the Irish town Belfast, he decides to go on the offense to get money for his further road in the U.S., but the usual theft turns into bloodbath.

    The film on the brink of social drama and brutal slasher by Denis Héroux (Valerie), and equally otschipyvaya from both genres. The first forty minutes the film – it is being sailed to Ireland in Russian (yes, in Russian) ship former fighters, who in the middle of a troubled situation with the undermining of the churches and other obscurantism wants to find a place. As always, it will not work.
    And here comes into play horror. Kane pulled off the reel starts killing young and beautiful nurses. No special effects (though the blood is on the order), but quite graphically. It should be noted that for the girls sometimes really worried – and all because they were honored to attach some semblance of character, unlike most horror victims.

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