Night of the Devils (1972) watch online

  • Year: 1972
    Duration: 01:26:09
    Directed by: Giorgio Ferroni
    Actors: Gianni Garko, Agostina Belli, Roberto Maldera, Teresa Gimpera
    Language: Italian (EnglishSubtitle)
    Country: Italy | Spain

    Also known as: Dasos vrykolakon, Demonen der nacht, Djävulens natt, I nyhta ton diavolon, La noche de los diablos, La noche de los diablos

    Description: The patriarch of a wealthy family fears that turn one day into a vampire. If this happens, he asked his family not to let him back into the house, no matter how much he will plead with them.

    Review: Of course, for the current popcorn eaters nightmares exhibited in «La Notte dei Diavoli» seem not worth a damn . What there – after slasher something. But perhaps even they will appreciate the amazing atmosphere , a kind of poetry and a sense of something otherworldly presence that appears in the frame, perhaps even against the wishes of the authors . In the end, they were filming something just commercial cinema , using canvas classic literary work , not thinking about how it will be perceived after forty years. And filmed so that they and the then the audience was most comfortable : the transfer action in Russia , for example, would involve extra costs and threatened to turn the picture in the same splint, which was ultimately the Soviet film . Then, most likely , the comparison of ” Devil’s Night ” with the ” Family Ghouls ” would end not in favor of the first . Excessive pedaling quasi- Balkan folklore ( which the authors are so fond of watching and American b-movies) also would deprive the tape a fair share of its atmosphere … But Ferroni managed to avoid all sharp corners , creating overtly commercial , but at the same time to preserve the spirit and letter of the literary source movie which , unfortunately, turned out to be unjustly forgotten today , even the fans of vintage horror . A pity …

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