Nightmare Circus a.k.a Barn of the Naked Dead a.k.a Terror Circus (1974)

  • Year: 1974
    Duration: 01:24:05
    Directed by: Alan Rudolph
    Actors: Andrew Prine,Roman Valenti, Manuela Thiess, Sherry Alberoni, Gyl Roland, Sheila Bromley, Gil Lamb
    Language: English
    Country: USA

    Also known as: Barn of the Naked Dead, Terror Circus, Caged Woman II

    Description: Three young female entertainers on their way to a gig in Las Vegas are stranded in the desert when their car breaks down. A stranger named Andre (Andrew Prine) discovers them on the side of the road and offers assistance, which the girls accept, blinded by his good looks and stylish sheepskin jacket. Unfortunately, they soon learn that Andre is a maniac who keeps a menagerie of half-mad, malnourished women chained in his barn and they are to be the newest additions to his horrible collection. Not only that, but the farm sits in an area that once was used for hydrogen bomb testing, and Andre’s father has mutated into a deformed, bloodthirsty monster that must be kept locked in a shed. Coincidentally, one of the girls (Manuella Thiess) bears a striking resemblance to Andre’s long-lost mother, and when his twisted mind decides they are one and the same, the girl plays along, hoping to buy time. Meanwhile, an agent (Chuck Niles) who represents the missing entertainers has been hounding the Nevada police to find them. They finally track the girls to the correct location, but Andre’s father has gotten loose and the grotesque creature is preparing to wreck bloody havoc upon the helpless chained women.

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