One on Top of the Other (1969) watch online

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    Year: 1969
    Duration: 01:37:16
    Directed by: Lucio Fulci
    Actors: Jean Sorel, Marisa Mell, Elsa Martinelli
    Language: English Dub
    Country: Italy│France│Spain

    Also known as: Una sull’altra, Perversion Story, Nackt über Leichen, Una historia perversa

    Description: Wife of Dr. George called Susan gets in the hospital with asthmatic complications. Nothing portends trouble. But soon George hears from his brother Henry that Susan died. Returning home after the funeral, George learns that as insurance he receives two million dollars. This is really unexpected, because George thought that Susan hated him for what he had to constantly blackmail her. In the evening, George and his new girlfriend Martha go to a bar, where George sees stripper Monica is like two peas similar to his deceased wife. After the execution of her dance Monica sits at their table. George scrutinized her. He notices that her eyes are green, while, like Susan were brown. Later, Monica seduces him. Meanwhile, the insurance company “hit” on the money, and the police are trying to get to the true causes of death, Susan. In the room they find Monica piece of paper that proves that she practiced in forging signatures Susan. Soon it becomes clear that Susan’s death was not accidental: she was poisoned. Naturally, the prime suspects is George. Detective insurance company and the police are trying to get to the truth, and George tries to establish true identity of her new lover …

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