Paranoia Aka Orgasmo aka A Quiet Place to Kill (1969)

  • Year: 1970
    Duration: 01:30:02
    Directed by: Umberto Lenzi
    Actors: Carroll Baker, Jean Sorel, Luis Dávila, Jean Sorel, Alberto Dalbés
    Language: Italian (English Subtitle)
    Country: Italy, France, Spain

    Also known as: A Quiet Place to Kill, A Beautiful Place to Kill, Os Ambiciosos Insaciáveis, Un tranquilo lugar para matar, Una droga llamada Helen

    Description: The main heroine of the film – Helen makes a living with racings. Once she gets into a major accident and doctors strongly advised her to give up all bad habits, quit the race and lead a quiet life, without shocks and stresses. On the day of discharge from hospital she receives a letter from her former husband, Maurice, who invites her to join him in a villa in Spain.

    Not long hesitation, she breaks out of his native city, and went to Spain, to the villa to Maurice. After arriving, she discovers that Maurice again married to a rich and no longer a young woman, Constance, and is surprised to learn that this is not an invitation to write Maurice and his new wife …

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