Penthouse Playgirls (1972) watch online

  • Year: 1972
    Duration: 01:22:45
    Directed by: Erwin C. Dietrich
    Actors: Peter Baumgartner, Rena Bergen, Raphael Britten, Chitta Coray
    Language: English
    Country: Switzerland

    Also known as: Die Mädchenhändler, Marchands de filles, Penthouse Playgirls, Flesh Traders, White Slavers

    Description: So what is this flick about you may ask?  Let’s put it this way, the premise for this flick is pretty simple, “guys see girls, guys take girls”.  In a nutshell thats the essence of this little exploitation gem from Erwin Dietrich.  Yes folks women are being grabbed in their apartment buildings, after fraudulent beauty pagents and simply grabbed off the street.  The women are then either used for their kidnappers enjoyment, sold into slavery/forced prostitution or both.  Not much more needs to be said as the entire flick is geared as a way to get a bunch of women out of their clothes as often and fully as possible!

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