Private School (1983) watch online

  • Year: 1983
    Duration: 01:28:29
    Directed by: Noel Black
    Actors: Phoebe Cates, Betsy Russell, Matthew Modine
    Language: English
    Country: USA

    Also known as:  American College, Die Superanmacher, Erotika mathimata sto parthenagogeio, Escola Particular, Escuela privada… para chicas, Koraéretlenek, Pikeskolen, Private School… for Girls, Privatskola för flickor, Uma Escola Muito Especial – Para Garotas, Yksityiskoulu

    Description: Given the year of birth of the comedy, the humor in it rather vulgar . In it you can see a lot of unfamiliar and young actors who even then were quite older to play high school students even . There is disclosed a good morality that is not enough to be beautiful and attractive , not to be lonely. What we do not love for the beauty and for the kindness and understanding. Average herein disclosed subject paired organ that is haunted by immature minds of pupils , and students too. A striking example of evidence quotes from Vyacheslav Butusova Songs – ” The first experience of combat sweaty hands always comes too soon .” What a pity that in this school it was different and not different colors and such fun. What a pity that we have taken away a lot of time wiping the chairs and desks in the flaccid attempts to solve wacky puzzles and remember the tediousness that is unlikely to be useful in real life. Give me back the years!

    Review: The plot of Private School includes two pairs of youth . Quiet and romantic with Jim Christie , and reckless hooligan and Bubba and Betsy . However, rowdy and crazy by and large it was Bubba . The heroes of adolescence, and everything connected with it. If Jim wants only to Christie , then Bubba all thoughts are about it, and it cost him to see another beauty , he immediately forgets about Betsy . And for the sake of beauties he can do a lot ! For example, the girls get into the shower , or to pull a woman’s dress , make up and sneak into the women’s dormitory . Well, that was not boring , and bring along a friend – Jim , of course, also disguised and made-up .

    In the film, not a few funny moments , including a strip .Nice, sweet comedy, with a share of romance and eroticism.If you want to see something more earthy and obsessed with sex , better see something a la American Pie .And in this film and harmless jokes , nudity and lighter .

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