Red Heat (1985) watch Uncut online

  • Note: this is Red Heat full version (infamous rape scene taken from uncut vhs muxed in dvdrip)

    Year: 1985
    Duration: 01:31:49
    Directed by: Robert Collector
    Actors: Linda Blair, Sylvia Kristel, William Ostrander, Sue Kiel, William Ostrander, Elisabeth Volkmann, Albert Fortell
    Language: English
    Country: West Germany | USA | Austria

    Also known as: Red Heat – Unschuld hinter Gittern, Presídio Estadia no Inferno, I desmofylakas

    Description: The main character of the film – an American college student Christine Carlson, which is sent to the Federal Republic in order to meet with her fiancé, working in Germany as an employee. She finds herself with the agent conducting regular security operation. Suddenly her and spy were kidnapped, and she got in the GDR. There she was mistaken for a CIA agent, interrogated and placed in a women’s prison.

    Now she is in a place where everything is forbidden, and where everyone is trying to fight for his existence. At the prison everything is under control of Sofia, a cruel criminal. Christina tries to survive this nightmare, to adapt to such a life. Meanwhile, her boyfriend is trying to find her, overcoming various bureaucratic obstacles. When he finds out where his bride is trying to organize a commando landing operation to free and save his beloved.

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