Satan’s Baby Doll (1982) La bimba di Satana (UNCUT)


    Year: 1982
    Duration: 01:25:27
    Directed by: Mario Bianchi
    Actors: Jacqueline Dupré, Mariangela Giordano, Aldo Sambrell, Joe Davers
    Language: Italian (English subs)
    Country: Italy

    Also known as: A Girl for Satan, La hija de Satanás, Orgasmo di Satana, La bimba di Satana

    Description of Satan’s Baby Doll movie: Antonio lives in the old ancestral castle and finds himself master of the universe. He is committed to using alcohol and drugs, beating women, delighting his perverted lust with nuns and hides all his indiscretions from the authorities, by hiding dead bodies of his victims in the basement …

    Review: Some success and notoriety movie Andrea Bianchi «Malabimba», connected in a single whole gothic horror and porn porn should cause imitations. And if Joe D’Amato with his “erotic nights of the living dead” and “Porno Holocaust” simply artificially put together one with another, focusing rather on the “adult film”, the Mario Bianchi fully followed in the footsteps of his namesake and took in Basically, the classic horror film. With one small (about fifteen minutes so), supplemented by a special participation of Marina Hedman. All the rest of the picture is (or rather, her character) is in the form of peaceful Cold-corpse, whose spirit possessed the body of her unhappy daughter, but the violence with the other members of his hapless little family uchinyaet himself. In a way that is easy to imagine, especially knowing the Swedish film career … well, let’s say, an actress.

    So, seventy minutes of screen activity viewer sees quite reasonable and in some cases even the atmospheric Gothic with a family curse, secret passion, an obsession, an ancient crypt, alive and dead, etc., etc. But fifteen minutes watching as the insurgent Maria Aguilar from the dead by none other than the secret techniques of Kamasutra kills his former family, to prevent her from enjoying the forbidden love with a nun Sol, a teacher of her daughter Miria. Basically, the reason so become angry at Ghostwalker spirit was about to tell her the filmmakers forget, but in the last half-hour tape Mario Bianchi did his best to explain any male viewer does not need them.

    Review of Baby Doll film:  Truly this Mario Bianchi film has something for all the family: incest (obviously), lesbianism, necrophilia, voyeurism and what is probably the longest blow-up job in cinema history. This was cut  from most release versions and they were probably better off without it.  As cinema families go, this one makes the Adams congregation look like the Beverly Hillbillies. Even when they’re dead, they’re still at it. The plot, such as it is, revolves around the corpse in the crypt and the effect this has on the daughter of the family.

    The splendidly lurid and claustrophobic atmosphere is enhanced by the action never leaving the house, a gothic looking structure. In the background what sounds like a psychedelic choir howls away. The acting is pretty good with no hint of cheesiness. Mariangela Giordano in particular is excellent, as she adeptly handles all manner of perversities. And of those there are many.

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