Screwballs (1983) online movie

  • Year: 1983
    Duration: 01:19:37
    Directed by: Rafal Zielinski
    Actors: Peter Keleghan, Kent Deuters and Linda Speciale
    Language: English
    Country: USA

    Also known as: Screwballs – Das affengeile Klassenzimmer, Agenzia rompiballe, Zip 2

    Description: Five students from T&A High School get together to seduce a virgin from class, nicknamed “Innocent bush” … By the way there is a sequal called Loose Screws, released in 1985

    Review: Canadian-American director Rafal Zielinski at the beginning of his film career just specialized in the production of such idiotic erotic comedy about teens who are obsessed with sexual games. In the first series of “screwball” (incidentally, the word in the title of Screwballs screw may also hint at the ribald sense) guys tempted by the desire to look at the girl’s tits, nicknamed Immaculate. But all this can not be stupid, poor imagination on helplessly in execution. However, the display of nudity is quite modest – if below the belt, it was only briefly and in general terms (although in the finished film seems to be cut by about 11 minutes to get a more gentle age index R). Famous painting “The institution Porky” seem just a masterpiece compared to this rubbish. American critic Leonard Moltin, not hesitating, spoke strongly about the “nut”, “Made for idiots and morons.” I wonder if you can say something such as, without any impact on the domestic tapes went like “Ladies’ Man 2” or “American grandfather” with vulgar erotic scenes?

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