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    Year: 1968
    Duration: 01:18:46
    Directed by:  Joel M. Reed
    Actors: Ann Harris, Geri Miller, Joel M. Reed
    Language: English
    Country: USA

    Also known as: S_x by Advertisement

    Description: Are you an aficionado of Cesspool Cinema? Do you believe women should be obscene and not heard? Well, then lock up the children and rejoice! Available here for the first time on video comes this long lost classic from JOEL REED, the humanitarian who dished up Bloodsucking Freaks. Though devoid of gore, Sex by Advertisement still qualifies as supreme weirdness. Bondage, S&M, autoeroticism, cross-dressing, homosexuality — this is equal-opportunity filth. There’s more perversion per reel than an episode of Jerry Springer.’Fresh from the sewer’ comes this expose on the hidden world of sex ads. ‘Brilliant scholar’ Dr. Joanne Ridgefield (GEORGINA SPELVIN) offers a hare-brained narration on a variety of fetishes: ‘Bird watching societies are really a haven for voyeurs.’ At a ‘Porno Club,’ a bunch of idiots view stag movies and indulge in the old five-knuckle shuffle. A discussion of S&M torture shows us an old geezer getting his nipples set on fire and his ears stretched like saltwater taffy by of a pair of pliers.’The worst type of sex ads were entirely evil,’ states the lovely doc. ‘The Lonely Hearts Clubs deal in misery.’ Cut to a bald cripple in a wheelchair meeting a corrupt marriage broker. ‘I want to find wife. Young girl,’ he grunts as he hands over his bank book. Other vignettes involve White Slavery rings that blackmail illegal immigrants into becoming prostitutes and porn stars. One poor vixen (from a ‘Portuguese fishing village’) becomes some burly moron’s sex slave. He rings a bell, she crawls in, and sucks his big toe like a lollipop.

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