Sex Is Crazy (1981) Jess Franco

  • Year: 1981
    Duration: 01:22:19
    Directed by: Jesús Franco
    Actors:  Lina Romay, Lynn Endersson, Antonio Mayans
    Language: Spanish (English subs)
    Country: Spain

    Also known as: El sexo está loco

    Description: From a distant planet Orgomius aliens arrive on Earth to conceive a child of earthly women at high speed to continue its kind. At this time by the sea filmed erotic play under the direction of a meter Jess Franco. In front of us unfolds  a sexual magical show. As mentioned in the introduction here’s starring meter Jess Franco (Lorna The Exorcist and Killer Barbys) himself – his film is a crazy fantasy of two couples who are trying to push the boundaries of sexual freedom as close to porn as it possible…

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