Swingers Massacre AKA Inside Amy (1974)

  • Year: 1975
    Duration: 02:00:35
    Directed by: Ronald Víctor García
    Actors: Mikel Angel, Joyanne Mitchell and Gary Kent
    Language: English
    Country: USA

    Also known as: Swingers Massacre, Super Swinging Playmates

    Description: This thriller/drama follows a a suburban lawyer, down a ruinous, blood-covered road. The trouble begins when he tires of life in the slow lane and suggests that he and his wife should join a swinging couple’s club and do a little spouse swapping. But then he begins suspecting that the wife is having too much fun with the other swingers.

    With a title like Super Swinging Playmates, images instantly flood the mind of Seventies-style sex kittens in swinger-like orgies. And, yes indeed, that’s what we get here… until the killings start. That’s right, folks, what begins as a groovy, free-love fantasy of wife-swappers screwing their way through suburbia, ends up with a swingers’ massacre and a bunch of Super Swinging Corpses.

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