Puberty Blues (1981) online movie

Year: 1981 Duration: 01:23:10 Directed by: Bruce Beresford Actors: Nell Schofield, Jad Capelja, Geoff Rhoe and Tony Hughes Language: English Country: Australia Also known as: Al diablo la pubertad, Explosão da Puberdade, Gençlik arzulari, Nuoruus blues Description of Puberty Blues movie: In the late 70’s of the XX century girls from the southern suburbs of Sydney spend all their time on the beaches, […]

Pacific Banana (1981) Online Movie

Year: 1981 Duration: 01:19:37 Directed by: John D. Lamond Actors: Graeme Blundell, Robin Stewart, Deborah Gray Language: English Country: Australia Also known as: Banana Airlines – Die verruckteste Lustlinie der Welt, Erotikk i sydhavet, Lineas aereas Banana Description:The plot of a couple Australian aircraft pilots employed by a small South Pacific airline company. Paul, a very effective womanizer, making conquests at every […]