Platinum Pussycat (1968) Online Movie

Year: 1968 Duration: 01:22:13 Directed by: Edward L. Montoro, James Somich Actors: Sandra Ann Roberts, Jeff Baker and Miles Mutchler Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Platinum Pussycat, The Pink Pussycat Description: Dena and the Baron battle gangsters on the streets of downtown Cleveland in a quest for $100,000, leading to many murders, double crosses and a final foot chase. Platinum Pussycat seems […]

Vampire Circus (1972) Online Movie

Long ago in Serbia a young little girl was raped by a rich lord. The citizens of the village, from which this girl was, were seeking revenge. They ran into the castle and killed the Count Mitterhaus, who was this vampire. The count cursed the villagers by saying that their own children will die when […]