Lorna, the Exorcist (1974)

Year: 1974 Duration: 01:39:34 Directed by:  Jesús Franco Actors: Pamela Stanford, Guy Delorme and Lina Romay Language: French (English subs) Country: France Also known as: Les possédées du diable, Caresses de chattes, Lorna, l’exorciste Description: Banished from the bosom of the church priest Paul Vogel writes stories for sadomasochistic magazine nightmares Inquisition. His publisher satisfied simultaneously drama “Black Masses” with nudity, whipping and peniyami […]

Lips of Blood (1975)

Year: 1979 Duration: 01:23:20 Directed by: Jean Rollin Actors: Jean-Loup Philippe, Annie Belle, Natalie Perrey, Martine Grimaud Language: French (English subs) Country: France Also known as: Lèvres de sang, Suce-moi vampire, Jennifer Description: This erotic vampire film features a young man on a strange quest after recognizing a castle on a poster. He seems to remember the castle from his childhood and […]

Vampire Circus (1972) Online Movie

Long ago in Serbia a young little girl was raped by a rich lord. The citizens of the village, from which this girl was, were seeking revenge. They ran into the castle and killed the Count Mitterhaus, who was this vampire. The count cursed the villagers by saying that their own children will die when […]