What’s Up Nurse (1978)

When Dr. Robert “Sweeney” Todd arrives to fill his post at a new hospital, he is shocked to see the lengths that the nurses go to in caring for their patients. Directing: Derek Ford Writing: Derek Ford Kate Williams Stars: Felicity Devonshire John Le Mesurier Graham Stark Country: GB Language: English Runtime: 77 For More […]

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask (1972) Full Online Movie

This early Woody Allen comedy, basically an aggregate of sketches and gags, lacks the polish and coherence of his later work, but it contains many funny moments and some hilarious and audacious ones. Genre: Comedy, Science Fiction, Fantasy Directed By: Woody Allen In Theaters: Aug 6, 1972 wide Runtime: 87 minutes EMBED THIS MOVIE                                               DOWNLOAD MOVIE 00

Cannibal Girls (1973) HD Quality Full Movie

A young couple becomes lost in a strange small town, where they find themselves eyed as a potential main course by three cannibalistic women. This tongue-in-cheek horror-comedy is courteous enough to sound a buzzer before gory scenes, so more squeamish viewers can look away. Genre: Classics, Comedy, Horror Directed By: Ivan Reitman Written By: Robert […]

The Gore Gore Girls (1972) – 1080p Full Movie

Infamous exploitation icon Herschell Gordon Lewis wrapped up his lengthy foray into low-budget gore epics with this coda, which not only sports Lewis’ most creative title, but revels in an amazing barrage of outrageous (and patently fake-looking) makeup effects. The nominal plot involves a masked psychopath stalking, torturing, and murdering the strippers at a Miami […]