Delinquent School Girls (1975)

Year: 1974 / 1975 Duration: 01:29:03 Directed by: Gregory Coraito Actors: Michael Pataki, Sharon Kelly, Brenda Miller, Bob Minor, Stephen Stucker, Colleen Brennan, George ‘Buck’ Flower Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Carnal Madness, Bad Girls, Schwer erziehbare Mädchen, Scrubbers 2, The Sizzlers Description: Now here is an odd ball sleaze flick that could of only been made at a time […]

The Red Nights of the Gestapo (1977)

Year: 1977 Duration: 01:50:22 Directed by: Fabio De Agostini Actors: Ezio Miani, Fred Williams, Francesca Righini, Rosita Torosh Language:English Country: Italy Also known as: Le lunghe notti della Gestapo Description: Gestapo officer brings 12 influential Nazis in the castle on a sex weekend. There they are waiting 12 gorgeous girls, coached to the most sophisticated sexual fantasies. What will follow during […]

White Skin Black Thighs (1977)

Year: 1976 Duration: 01:19:30 Directed by: Jesús Franco (as Dave Tough) , Erwin C. Dietrich (as Michael Thomas) Actors: Kali Hansa, Pilar Coll, Diotta Fatou Language: German Country: Switzerland Also known as: Weisse Haut auf schwarzen Schenkeln ,Weisse Haut auf schwarzen Schenkeln ,White Skin Black Thighs Description: Robert Kuhn hoped to spend the evening in the brothel. First, watching a strip show, and […]

Love Camp (1977)

Year: 1977 Duration: 01:18:50 Directed by: Jess Franco Actors: Nanda Van Bergen, Ada Tauler, Monika Kaelin, Monica Swinn, Esther Stude Language: English Country: Switzerland Also known as: Frauen im Liebeslager, Camp d’amour pour mercenaires, Mujeres en el campo de concentración del amor Description: Another old wip nazi movie directed by famous Jesus Franco. This times poor, innocent women are kidnapped by trained […]

Nude Odeon (1978)

Year: 1978 Duration: 1:31:35 Directed by: Marino Girolami Actors: Dorothy Flower, Mary Govert, Margareth Harrison Language: Italian Country: Italy Girolami has edited the film using material filmed in two completely different historical periods. It ‘obvious fact the difference between the scenes filmed in the mid-60s (that are typical scenes documentary in Mondo-Movie style) and the […]

What’s Up Nurse (1978)

When Dr. Robert “Sweeney” Todd arrives to fill his post at a new hospital, he is shocked to see the lengths that the nurses go to in caring for their patients. Directing: Derek Ford Writing: Derek Ford Kate Williams Stars: Felicity Devonshire John Le Mesurier Graham Stark Country: GB Language: English Runtime: 77 For More […]

The Nude Vampire (1970)

Year: 1970 Duration: 01:21:28 Directed by: Jean Rollin Actors: Maurice Lemaître, Caroline Cartier, Ly Lestrong, Bernard Musson Language: French (English subs) Country: France Also known as: La vampire nue, La vampira nuda, The Naked Vampire Description: From the title and the opening sequence of ‘La Vampire Nue’ it looks like you’re in for a dreamlike […]

Hot Thrills and Warm Chills (1967)

Directed by: Dale Berry Stars: Rita Alexander, Lorna Maitland, Susan Branson Language: English Country: Usa | Imdb Info | Dvdrip Description: Three women who haven’t seen each other for years meet at a motel to talk about what they’ve done since they were together, and also to plan a heist of the King of Sex’s […]

Pets (1974)

Drama SoftCore Naive, but brash and sultry teenage runaway Bonnie finds herself lost and adrift in America. The lovely young lass runs afoul of a colorful array of evil oddballs who all treat her like an object: violent criminal Pat makes Bonnie help her kidnap the middle-aged Dan Daubrey; domineering lesbian painter Geraldine Mills wants […]

Maid in Sweden (1971) Online Movie

Year: 1971 Duration: 01:20:21 Directed by: Dan Wolman Actors: Christina Lindberg, Monica Ekman, Krister Ekman Language: English Country: USA Also known as: Ça s’est passé à Stockholm, Isveçli bakire, Koritsia ap’ ti Souidia, L’età della malizia, The Milkmaid Description: The film tells the story of Inga, a Swedish 16-year old girl who leaves her rural […]