Hands of the Ripper (1971) Online Full Movie

This clever reworking of the “Jack the Ripper” legend stars Angharad Rees as Anna, daughter of the infamous serial killer. Believing that she’s being directed from beyond the grave to become a murderer herself, Anna seeks out help from Freudian scholar John Pritchard (Eric Porter). Evidently, the treatment doesn’t take, and a series of gory […]

Lipstick (1976) 1080p Full Online Movie

Lipstick is a cheap exploitation film pretending to make a social statement about rape and revenge. Chris (Margaux Hemingway), a fashion model is raped by Gordon Stuart (Chris Sarandon) her sister’s music teacher. When he tries to rape her sister Kathy (Mariel Hemingway), Chris kills him. She is tried for the crime and defended by […]

Barbed Wire Dolls (1975) Full Online Movie

From the fevered minds of maverick exploitation filmmaker Jess Franco and notorious Swiss genre producer Erwin C. Dietrich, comes BARBED WIRE DOLLS, one of the most outrageous entries in the “Women-in-Prison” film cannon. In it, Franco favorite and lifelong muse Lina Romay stars as the wide-eyed Maria, an unfortunate young woman who kills her father […]

The Vault of Horror – 1973 (1080p) Full Movie

Also released under the title Tales from the Crypt, Part II, this British film contains a collection of five tales of horror, based on the 1950s E.C. Comics series. Genre: Horror, Mystery, Suspense Directed By: Roy Ward Baker Written By: Milton Subotsky In Theaters: Mar 16, 1973 wide Runtime: 85 minutes